A New Approach to Resolving Disputes

  • Mediation is a cost effective method of resolving disputes.
  • Mediation is less stressful than going to Court and the outcome is enforceable through the Courts.
  • Mediation is commonplace in family children applications and finance.
Mediation provides a calm and friendly way of resolving financial issues between partners who separate. Sometimes emotions are in the way of resolving disputes.
Calm Mediation have ten years experience of resolving family issues.
Litigation can polarise partners who want to part amicably whereas mediation can allow a separation without stress.
The initial meeting is known as a MIAMs meeting or Mediation Information Assessment Meeting.
The purpose of the MIAMs is to assess suitability of mediation and to ensure that if the matter is to be mediated that the parties have all of the information available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to mediate?

In short you have to be advised as to mediation but if you don’t the mediator has to complete a form before you can go to court.

Will I have to meet up with my ex?

Mediation is a consensual process. No mediation can take place without both sides meeting.

Am I better going to Court?

In short, not really. Mediation can result in a speedy, cost efficient solution whereas going to Court can be an expensive and very lengthy process.

Are the children's wishes taken into account?

Yes children can have their own mediator who will find out what they think.

Where will the mediation be?

That is a matter of agreement between the parties but at neutral location.

Boundary Disputes

When neighbours disagree over a boundary or a right of way mediation can help. Going to Court involving Court Fees and barristers and expert land surveyors is very expensive.
Legal fees for a court result can be anything between £10,000 - £25,000 per side. There is usually only one winner in Court cases and losers often pay for both parties' fees. Court cases can take many months to resolve with the parties never speaking again.
A mediation might cost £1,000 and arrive at a result that keeps both parties content. It might also be over in one day.

Consumer Disputes

If you buy a vehicle or some other commodity and it isn't what you were told, you can go to Court. It will take a lot of time and Court Fees are payable.
If the matter is referred to a mediator then he may be able to resolve the matter in one day and for as little as £250 per side.

Neighbour Disputes

Inevitably sometimes living next door to someone can be a problem. You complain about the noise and they take offence and then they complain about you. Soon just being in your own home can be unbearable.
An experienced mediator can bring parties to a resolution and encourage a happy ending to the nightmare.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

When renting a property sometimes a dispute can arise between the landlord and a tenant, often over rent or repairs. If your landlord won't do your repairs, we can mediate.
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